RSC is a student preparation and financial aid services company with a unique approach to college guidance. We help you earn an affordable college education by . . .

. . . Researching thousands of colleges to find the best match for your personality and career goals, then comparing them side by side for accurate cost comparisons.  With RSC, you will know well in advance what your out-of-pocket costs will actually be, and what you can expect to receive in financial aid at any college.

. . . Interactive and adaptive SAT AND ACT Test Prep

. . . Building an impressive college application

. . . Getting the best financial aid package possible and completing all your financial aid forms for you!

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Our programs walk you step by step through a series of timelines and guideways for each grade level making the entire
college prep process simple, easy to navigate, and most important, effective in guiding you to an affordable college education.  

At today's prices, it's crucial to consider college not only as a worthwhile educational endeavor, but as a major purchase that deserves professional due-diligence.

The RSC Career & College Prep Program features e-handbooks for 8th through 12th grade students.  There's even one for mom and dad (all handbooks are downloadable and searchable in our on-line knowledge base). Video knowledge nuggets teach and remind you what you'll want to accomplish each month of every grade level.  Best of all, we provide accurate and timely financial aid advice and one-on-one counseling.

RSC has been featured in Forbes,, the Huffington Post, McGraw-Hill, and many other nationally recognized TV News Programs, Print Media, Radio Programs and websites.

RSC is not affiliated with colleges, banks, or private lenders. Our entire focus is devoted to one thing: serving students.

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