Family Testimonials

A Student Who Will Change the World

"Calvin’s father died when he was 15. The prestigious prep school where his mother worked as the maintenance woman knew he was a good student and offered him a scholarship, but he was now the only African-American at an all-white school. His guidance counselor, knowing that Calvin came from a low-income family, suggested a modest plan, such as “a trade school or community college.” But Calvin and his mother wanted more.

They turned to RSC’s program, where Calvin showed the same stellar abilities he did in school. Using our proven methods and his own talent and determination, Calvin received a substantial offer to attend Marquette University. We know his mother is proud of him, but perhaps never more so than when Portico magazine picked him as one of 21 People Who Will Change the World. We at RSC couldn’t agree more.

Reaching for the Moon

"We knew Matt dreamed big the day we met him. He told his Student Services counselor that he “wanted to build a rocket and fly it to the moon.” Another guidance counselors might have told him to “set realistic goals,” but our counselor didn’t discourage him. He asked which was more important: building a rocket or flying it to the moon. Matt thought about it and said, “Building it.” We immediately pointed out the need for math and science classes and steered him toward a career in engineering.

Our handbooks and career advice gave Matt direction, and he stayed with our program until finishing college and heading off to grad school for an advanced degree in computer science. He hasn’t been to the moon (yet), but just as Matt had faith in our program, we have faith in him.

The Best College for You

"Bruce was second in his high-school class and eager to start college, but he had a problem: He had been accepted to several colleges and had to pick the best one for him. He was hesitant, not wanting to select the wrong school. By relying on what he learned from our program, Bruce concluded that the University of Indianapolis was his best choice. And they thought he was a good fit, too. U. Indy met 97% of his financial need! Bruce didn’t just pick any college; he picked the right college for him."

Early Prep Defeats Hard Times

"Samantha’s parents understood the value of starting college prep early. They knew it gave them the most options for researching colleges and setting money aside. And their early planning paid off – in a big way. During her time in our program, Samantha’s family faced large medical and dental expenses, pay cuts, job loss and the costs of caring for parents living out of state. They not only found our program affordable, but extremely effective. Samantha’s parents never wavered in their belief that she was going to college. And they were right. Through our help and Samantha’s stirring resolve, she graduated from Cal State Chico and is now pursuing her master’s degree in Speech Pathology. By acting early, Samantha’s parents made their daughter’s dream come true."

Success in Two Languages

"William’s parents had a problem: dad speaks Spanish, mom speaks English. At some companies, they bounced around the system talking with different representatives, but at our company, they loved getting answers from a counselor fluent in both languages. RSC takes great pride in our culturally diverse clientele, working to make college affordable for everyone. We staff every department with Spanish-speaking employees to meet our students’ needs. We enjoy helping our Spanish-speaking families achieve the American dream of a college education. RSC Le Ayuda Tener Éxito!"

Service for a Busy Schedule

"Sonia is a single mother with a busy schedule. A full-time job, a family, and a college-bound daughter kept her from having the time to fill out, double-check, submit, and review financial aid paperwork. She saw the stacks of federal and state forms as tedious and knew she’d have questions about the minutiae of financial aid. She even expected to miss the multiple deadlines imposed by the federal government and colleges. Better, she thought, to hire an expert than do this herself. In the end, Sonia was thrilled that all her paperwork was filled out correctly, her daughter received a great financial aid offer, and she had more time to meet the many demands placed on her by her very busy schedule."

Plenty of Surprises for This Student

"Seth’s mother had a vague notion about what she wanted for her son’s future – “a respected university” but felt she had “no idea where to start, or the money to do so.” She and Seth were surprised at how many steps there were, but undertook them with enthusiasm. Seth worked closely with one of our counselors, who, to his mother’s surprise, answered his questions with “speed and assurance.” Great compliments, but nothing like the one Seth received from Salve Regina University. His mom couldn’t believe that that “respected university” gave Seth a financial aid package far better than their usual offer. But the biggest shock was yet to come. When Seth finally arrived on campus, his dorm room number was the same as his counselor’s extension!"

First Generation

"Sarai wanted to be the first person from her family to go to college. Her family naturally worried about the cost and thought she should keep her goals modest. But not Sarai. Following our program’s step-by-step advice and college prep checklist, she applied to five of California’s top private schools. Pomona College recognized her academic merit and financial difficulties and met 100% of the family’s need. Sarai is now a first-generation college student, hopefully starting a long tradition in her family."

Word of Mouth from a Happy Mom

"Noemia was unsure about signing up even after our program was recommended by another student. Finally, Noemia and her family decided they needed help with college prep and took a chance. And were they happy they did. Following two years of advanced college, career, and financial aid advice, Noemia’s mom recommends this program to “everyone I know.” We love to hear that, but we were even happier to hear that St. John’s University met 100% of the family’s financial need. Way to go, Noemia!"