Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

November 16, 2012

RSC, LLC Helps Schenectady Students and Families Prepare For College

RSC, LLC celebrated its grand opening at 1462 Erie Boulevard, Schenectady with a ribbon cutting hosted by the Chamber of Schenectady County on Tuesday, November 13, 2012. The ribbon cutting was sponsored by McNamee, Lochner, Titus & Williams, PC.

The principals of RSC have been helping students and their families prepare and pay for college for more than 20 years. Their experience and expertise has led to RSC being featured in The Huffington Post, Forbes, and U.S. News and World Report.

In 1990, RSC’s founder Larry Schechter realized that families needed help navigating the difficult process of paying for college. He worked diligently to become a financial aid expert, and then assembled a team that went on to help tens of thousands of students get the best possible financial aid.

Most students sought help when they became juniors in high school. While working with their families, Larry noted that if they had taken planning steps earlier in high, school he could have drastically improved the financial aid packages students were offered. From there, he developed a new, comprehensive program that blends college prep with financial aid. The curriculum not only prepares students for college but also helps them apply and pay for it. RSC takes the time-proven approach that college prep is the first step in receiving a good financial aid package.

RSC’s nationally recognized software-based online planning program further expands students’ college and career research capabilities. Students can search through thousands of college and career options to explore their academic and professional interests, and personality tests and skills surveys help them better understand themselves as they pursue their goals.

RSC has two wonderful programs: The first program is an early prep program recommended for students from grades 8 through 10 designed to ensure they’re doing the right things though high school to better prepare them to gain admittance and obtain more financial aid for college. Students have access to handbooks and videos, timelines and guideways, SAT and ACT test pre-programs, and advance information on expected out-of-pocket costs at colleges of interest. Students are often surprised to learn they can attend a more expensive private university for the same out-of-pocket costs as a state school. RSC’s one-time flat fee encourages students to begin using programs as early as 8th grade, so the earlier they enroll the better value they’ll receive.

RSC’s second program is recommended for students grades 10 through 12 and includes all the products in the early prep program but adds their financial aid paperwork services. The financial aid process is as time-consuming, aggravating and confusing as filing tax returns. RSC’s comprehensive paperwork services do all that work by completing a need-based financial aid form, updating the student aid report, reviewing all offers of financial aid and if necessary assisting the student in the appeals process. Last year RSC’s successful appeals earned families more than $1 million more in financial aid than they would have received without help. Clients also enjoy unlimited access to a friendly staff of financial aid experts.

RSC has plans to kick off a scholarship program by giving away a $1,000 scholarship per month to a student between grades 8 and 12. No purchase is necessary to enter the drawing; visit www.collegeprepexpert.com for information.

RSC, LLC was located on Union Street in the late 1990s and moved to Albany County after finding a building that was more cost-effective. When the company’s lease was up five years ago, the principals tried looking for a place in Schenectady County again but were unable to locate the right property. This time, they were able to find a location in Schenectady that met their needs and was more convenient to their employees. In addition, Schechter’s family has strong ties to the Schenectady area; his father, Dr. Jay Schechter, donated his office on Union Street which now houses Haven of Schenectady. Larry is also a member of the Golub family, whose commitment and contributions to Schenectady are many. The company is excited about the revitalization going on in Schenectady and wanted to be part of it.

RSC, LLC is open Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Many programs are web-based, allowing for 24-7 on-demand access for students and families.