The RSC Knowledge Base

Easy online access allows you to search the content of all handbooks. Each handbook is downloadable for printing for those who enjoy paper copy. Some handbooks include worksheets that can be downloaded as a PDF and completed on your computer, then saved for future reference.
The RSC Knowledge Base includes Knowledge Nugget Videos (one for each month of each grade level), to help keep you on track. There are even a few videos offering solid advice to mom and dad.
Each month, you’ll receive a reminder email from us with links that will direct you to the information you should review that month. Nag? - No, just gentle reminders specific to your grade level.

RSC handbooksYou’ll have access to the materials for your grade level as well as preceding grade levels. On the 4th of July, you’ll automatically be promoted to the next grade level in the knowledge base, and access to that grade level will then be available to you.

Did you know that attending a private college can cost you less than attending a state school?

The Top Financial Aid College Handbook lists the best financial aid colleges in the country. In order to be listed, the college must cover at least 75% of your need. This handbook is a great resource that could trim hours off your college search and thousands off your college bill.

The online college cost estimator will help you to discover what you can expect to pay at any school you’re interested in attending. The cost of attending college shouldn’t be a mystery and the estimators offered by the colleges just don’t help. Enter the state, city and college you’re interested in attending and you’ll get a side by side comparison detailing your aid and out of pocket costs for each school.

If the cost of a school is prohibitive, you should know that before wasting money on an application fee.

In the estimate below we’ve listed two State University of New York schools and one private school.

Note the difference in the “sticker price” and ultimately, what the out-of-pocket costs will be for our fictitious student with an EFC of $4,600.00. Before you start your search, you’ll enter your EFC so the estimates will accurately reflect your potential aid packages. You'll find an accurate EFC calculator on our site but if you need help calculating your EFC, we can help you with that too!

You’ll find estimated aid packages listed for each of the nearly 3,000 schools listed. If you meet or exceed the average student stats for the school, you can realistically expect to receive the aid listed.

The aid listed below as “self-help” is student loans or student loans and work study. Private schools typically offer less “self-help” and more “gift aid”.

The RSC Knowledge Base is available for a one time fee of only $79.00, and when you’re ready to upgrade to RSC’s Career & College Prep Program or our Personalized Services Program, you’ll automatically receive our deepest discount. We help make college and college prep affordable!