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Picking a college can be stressful, but you already know that.  So here are some things you may not

College Admissions Secrets…

Did you know?For Students Only

-Harvard can be cheaper than a community college?

-That a third of all college students drop out – after spending thousands of dollars in tuition?

-Sites like Facebook and Twitter are replacing the college interview – without your permission?

-The average SAT score is 1500, but the average SAT score for a college graduate is 1721?

-That the government bases your financial aid on the way families lived in 1967 – when your grandparents were considering college?

-Private Scholarships that you work so hard to find may have no value to you at all?

There are dozens of these startling facts. Did you know not all colleges list their fees up front? That straight A’s may not help you if you don’t take the right courses? RSC not only makes these facts available to you, we help you use them to your advantage when picking and applying to colleges.

You need to know what you’re in for, whether it’s obscure facts like these or complicated college admissions terms that often baffle admissions officers. There’s a reason getting ready for college can be stressful – it’s difficult, confusing, and sometimes – and we hate to say it – deliberately misleading.

Applying to college should be straightforward. You don't want to stumble over a secret somebody forgot to tell you on your way to college.  Get the best information from a whole team of college prep experts.

For more facts that can shape your future, watch College Dreams Today.  Know the truth about college prep.

Is the cost of a college education worth it?  If you treat your educational purchase as a business transaction rather than just an educational endeavor, and prepare properly, the answer is an enthusiastic yes!