Do Parents Get Pushed to the Side When Their Children Reach High School?

You want your student to learn independence and self-motivation. Both are great qualities, but that can leave you feeling a little left out of the college prep process.

And that can leave students a little behind their peers.

According to the Harvard Family Research Project, students whose parents take an interest in their schoolwork tend to get better grades and are more involved in classroom activities. In fact, studies show that students actually wish they could talk with their parents more about homework, college, and other important subjects.

Here's a great way to ensure you're playing an integral part of your student’s college plans

·         Parent Handbook - This downloadable (and online), handbook has plenty of suggestions for talking with your child about college, what to do on the campus tour, how to assess campus security and much more.

·         Parent Videos - The handbooks’ most important sections are highlighted in short video clips hosted by RSC counselors (and fellow parents).

·         Financial Aid Handbook (Full Version) - Filled with financial aid information including important terms you'll need to know, an overview of investment plans, a list of common mistakes, and much more. You (or your child), can estimate and compare your college costs and financial aid at any school by using a side-by-side College Comparison database. We even provide paperwork services to complete all those financial aid forms for you, like the FAFSA, CSS Profile, all state and college need based forms, parent separated/divorced forms.  Click here for more information about our comprehensive paperwork services.

"On behalf of our daughter Emily, we would like to thank you for your expert assistance in getting Emily admitted to the college of her choice and also for reducing her tuition costs.  You demonstrated a great deal of skill and knowledge advising and negotiating on her behalf through the entire process.  We had no idea tuition could be negotiated, or that there were some colleges which offered better tuition deals than others.  Finding the right college is very time consuming and after we spent endless hours of searching on the internet, we still did not feel comfortable with our selection.  Also, the application process can be expensive as most colleges require a deposit to process applications.

Like many parents, we were like deer in the headlights when it came to preparing her for college.  We thought the high school guidance counselor would guide her through the process of selection, financing and testing.  However, after her half hour meeting, the counselor only suggested a few colleges she should apply to giving her superior academic standing.  We do not blame the counselor as it is not their focus to perform the services your firm offers.

We realize we engaged you at the 11th hour, and that Emily would have been much better prepared for the college if we had started earlier in her high school years.  We've learned that your firm offers such guidance as early as the 8th grade and that your service includes online resources and programs geared to college prep.  We certainly will use these services when our son becomes old enough.

Thanks again for a GREAT job without which Emily would not be attending college this year!!

Warmest regards,

Jeff & Joli Chamberlain"