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 Program Length5 years4 months4 years30 hours 
 College Application Steps  
 College-Cost Estimates  
 College Selection Plan  
 Admissions Essay Help  
 Campus Tour/Interview Help  
 Student Handbooks  
 Knowledge Nuggets  
 College Prep Checklists  
 Class Selection Help  
 Time Management  
 Online/Downloadable Worksheets  
 Parent Handbook  
 Rewards Program  
 Financial Aid Focused  
 Top Financial Aid Colleges  
 Interest Profiler  
 Career Research  
 Basic Skills Survey  
 Learning Styles Inventory  
 School Finder  
 Resume Building  
 SAT/ACT Prep  
 Work Values Sorter  
 Workplace Skills Checklist  
 Test-Day Tips  
 Do What You Are Assessment  
 College Prep Reading List  
 And Much, Much More!  

This Incredible Package Includes up to 5 Years* of On-Demand Access for ONLY $295.00



The enrollment fee is as low as it will ever be.  
The earlier you enroll, the more time you have to get as much as possible from the program.  This program is most effective when started as early as the 8th grade.  If you wait a year, you lose a year of planning.

Every day you wait is another day your student falls behind.
Now multiply that as days becomes weeks and weeks become years. You can fall far behind very quickly. Opportunities slip by when you don't act on them.  Missed opportunities can cost you more later on.

"But other students we know aren’t preparing yet".  Yes, exactly!  That's the point!  Most students are not preparing early enough.  That's why most students today are taking an average of 5 1/2 years to earn their 4 year degree.  That's why 30% of freshmen drop out of college every year and why 40% of freshmen and 30% of sophomores require remedial classes.  The average student is graduating with debt in excess of $24,000.  Chances are, you're not willing to settle for an "average" college experience for your child.  Get the edge, start planning now.

8th Graders – This is it: the single best year to start preparing for college. You haven’t even started high school yet, meaning you can make the most of your high-school years.  Your dedication and hard work will impress colleges – if you start now.

9th Graders – This is the first year of your college resume.  If you aren't following a proven program yet, you're falling behind every day that passes. College admissions is competitive. If you start now, you’ll stand out.

10th Graders – Half of your college resume will be complete at the end of this school year.  The longer you wait to create an education plan, the more opportunities you'll lose. Make sure you know how to handle your junior year – the MOST IMPORTANT year in college prep!

10th-11th Graders - Financial planning is extremely time sensitive as it applies to financial aid.  There may be strategies, such as moving assets or taking capital gains income, that need to be implemented now.

11th Graders – You’re running out of time to boost your SAT scores, pick colleges, and put together a knockout resume. You better get in the race because the finish line is coming up fast.  You'll love the convenience, accuracy and potential return on investment of our complete paperwork services.  To learn more, click here.

12th Graders – The mad scramble comes early this year as college deadlines and financial aid cut-offs fly at you.  The financial aid forms are as confusing and can be more complicated than filing tax returns. Last year, our appeal letters earned our students over $1,000,000.00 in additional aid. RSC helps, if you act. Paperwork getting you down?  Feeling frazzled, insecure and uncertain of your financial future?  If you're looking for the peace-of-mind that comes with professional assistance, click here. 


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* 5 years of access: from 8th through 12th grade.  Additional years of service throughout college requires our Personalized Services Program