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Posted on Jun 27, 2012 - 06:00 AM | Career Prep | Comments (0)

“If you think college is expensive, try ignorance.”  – Derek Bok, former president of Harvard University   This quote by Mr. Bok came to mind the other day after the Kinsey Global Institute released a report on the value of a college education in an increasingly technological world. Of course, Mr. Bok wasn’t just referring to ignorance as a lack of education leading to a lack of money, but rather as Socrates would say, living the “unexamined life.”   But in this day and age of sky-high tuition, massive student loans, a struggling job ... More

Posted on Jun 25, 2012 - 06:00 AM | Selecting a College | Comments (0)

When most people think of college ability, they think of academic ability, or some special talent in the arts or athletics that will earn them a huge scholarship. Unfortunately, those aren’t the only “abilities” you need to succeed in college – or get great financial aid.   College Abilities to Develop and Consider   ·        Acceptability. Is the college acceptable to you? Does it have the major you want? Is the campus well maintained, with adequate security, in a location you want? Visit a college to make sure it... More

Posted on Jun 22, 2012 - 06:00 AM | Selecting a College | Comments (0)

People say it all the time: “There’s no such thing as the perfect college.”   And they’re right. But there is a “perfect college for you.”   The question is, “How do you find it?”   5 Characteristics of the PerfectCollege   1. Affordability. Can you afford the college? Does it offer great financial aid. It may have a lot of things going for it, but if you drop out over cost or take on student loans you’ll be paying back for the next 20 years, it’s not the perfect college for you. 2. Respecta... More

Posted on Jun 20, 2012 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

This is it – the last year before high-school juniors head off to college. That means big plans and big steps, and lots of little details in between (For our students, find a complete Junior College Prep Checklist in your handbook).   Four Essential College Prep Steps   1. SAT/ACT test prep. If you’re taking the SAT or ACT in the fall (and there are plenty of reasons you should consider it), start prepping for the October test six to 12 weeks in advance. Use RSC's proven program to boost your scores.  2. Narrow (or expand) your list of colleg... More

Posted on Jun 18, 2012 - 06:00 AM | Financial Aid | Comments (0)

How confusing is financial aid? Even those in the system understand why students make big mistakes and graduates have huge student loans. According to Michael Reilly, executive director of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, the financial aid process is difficult and cumbersome and “It takes a lot of initiative on a student’s part to understand how some of the processes work.” (From an interview with Associated Press). Causes of Financial Aid Mistakes Difficult system – Students and parents commonly make mistakes on... More

Posted on Jun 15, 2012 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

In 1996, Ken Wilber released the book, A Brief History of Everything. It had to be brief, otherwise he’d still be writing it.   Mel Brooks got how difficult it is to sum up everything when he added Part I to his 1981 film History of the World.   As an exercise, try to sum everything you do in school in a few sentences, but still explain it in great detail. Pretend you’re trying to tell a college admissions officer everything you’ve done in the past year. And remember, keep it succinct yet complete.   It’s not easy, is it?   It’s difficu... More




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