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Posted on Jul 09, 2014 - 06:00 AM | Selecting a College | Comments (0)

If you ever plan to use your college degree to own your own business, then you should know that selecting a college can be an awful lot like running a business. You can do some things yourself, but for others, you’re going to want professional help.
Five Jobs Roles for Selecting a College
  1. Lawyer. You’re going to have to look over the small print in the college’s Awards Letter that outlines exactly what your financial aid package looks like. You may also want someone to examine difficult college admissions terms or policies.
  2. Accountant. Financial aid terms and policies can be a nightmare, and filling out the FAFSA and a variety of other forms can be time-consuming and, if you’re not careful, expensive. The FAFSA is longer than your 1040 and the CSS Profile digs deep into your finances. Mistakes on either one can cost you thousands of dollars in aid. Businesses pay accountants for a reason – their advice and services can save them money. The same is true of financial aid.
  3. Market Research. Every business does some form of market research. They compare products, customers, competitors, consumer need and much more. To get a great deal from a college, you’re going to have to compare them to each other, too. There are more than 25 criteria by which to judge a college; look for the ones that offer what you want. It’s easiest if you compare colleges side-by-side, helping you quickly eliminate colleges that don’t meet your needs. There are more than 4,000 colleges in the United States, so the research can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools or software.
  4. Advertising. Advertising is the backbone of business. Whether advertising products or services, companies present their best side. In your case, you’re advertising you. You need to truthfully show colleges your best qualities and convince them why they should pick you over other candidates. But just as in the store, colleges have choices. Learn how to put together a stellar resume, application, admissions essay and more so that you’re the first choice.
  5. Cost-Benefit Analysis. No business goes forward without a cost-benefit analysis. You need to examine the cost of your selected colleges against the benefits of the degrees they offer. You need to compare financial aid offers, job prospects, job-placement rates, networking opportunities, and much more.

College-Selection Tools
Certain tools can help you select a college. For instance, RSC offers you extremely accurate college-cost estimates so you know just how much each college on your list will cost you. We also provide a searchable database that lets you quickly research nearly 5,000 colleges. And we offer college resume-building tools and advice, plus tips on writing great college admissions essay.
Whether you need expert college prep or financial aid help, RSC has the tools and experience to guide you. We’ll read the small print, work to get you great financial aid and help you find the perfect college for you.
We understand the business of doing business with colleges, and so should you, because done right, it’s like being your own boss. But that means getting expert help so that you’re a success from the start. Remember, RSC helps you succeed!
For everything we offer, look over this product list.


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