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Posted on Jun 25, 2012 - 06:00 AM | Selecting a College | Comments (0)

When most people think of college ability, they think of academic ability, or some special talent in the arts or athletics that will earn them a huge scholarship. Unfortunately, those aren’t the only “abilities” you need to succeed in college – or get great financial aid.
College Abilities to Develop and Consider
·        Acceptability. Is the college acceptable to you? Does it have the major you want? Is the campus well maintained, with adequate security, in a location you want? Visit a college to make sure it meets your standards.
·        Affordability. Can you afford the college? Will you get great financial aid? How much are they willing to discount the sticker price? Get an accurate college cost estimate like this one to find out before you apply.
·        Availability. Do you know your odds of getting in? Is the college open enrollment or highly selective? How you rank among incoming freshmen will determine just how available this campus is to you. Know where you stand.
·        Comparability. How does the campus compare to others in your major or price range?
·        Compatibility. Is the school compatible with your long-term plans? Do they specialize in an area that interests you? For instance, a school might have a good engineering program, but do they have a great chemical engineering program? Do they have a graduate school, or connection to one at another college?
·        Employability. What’s the school’s job-placement rate? Do they offer career assistance, internships in your major and networking opportunities?
·        Respectability. Is the school respected in your major or among potential employers, graduate schools and the like? How successful are alumni after they graduate? Do they earn a living or are they forced to become B.A. baristas?
·        Sociability. Do you feel like you’d fit in with fellow students. Are you a match politically, ideologically, and socially?
The Most Important College Abilities
You’re going to need above-average, and in some cases, way above-average academic ability, to succeed in college. You’re going to need good SAT or ACT scores (in fact, the average college graduate has an SAT score above 1700), as well as college prep classes and a good grade point average.
Of course, some abilities are innate and some are learned – and some require a plan.
A full college prep plan will improve your SAT scores and lay out what college prep classes will help you with your major in college. It will help you avoid many of the mistakes that lead to college failure, including not having a career plan, choosing the wrong major, going to the wrong college, and not getting enough financial aid to pay for college.
But it you roll your natural talents into an effective and in-depth college prep program, you’ll likely discover another ability: viability. College will be a viable option for you. It will be a big part of your future success – all because you had the “ability” to do it!
Enroll in our program today to begin developing your college abilities. You can succeed with RSC!


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