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Posted on Feb 27, 2012 - 06:00 AM | SAT Prep | Comments (0)

Critics claim the SAT and ACT exams contain racial and gender biases that lower the test scores of minorities, women, and low-income students. Both the College Board and ACT have made efforts to correct these problems, but opponents claim they persist.
Then there’s the SAT Optional Movement, in which certain colleges don’t use the SAT as an admissions standards, though roughly 80% of colleges still do.
So why is that the SAT and ACT entrance exams remain an important part of higher education? Why are they still the standard for college admissions?
Reasons to Get a High SAT or ACT Score
·        High scores lead to graduation. The average college graduate has an SAT score of 1721.  That number reflects a student’s college readiness. The Department of Education also determined that your SAT score is the second biggest indicator of your college ability. A higher score means you’re ready for college.
·        Receive merit-based aid. Many colleges view a student with a high SAT score as worthy of additional financial aid. This is even true at some schools that don’t use it for admissions purposes. A high score indicates you’re a good student.
·        Avoid remedial classes. Many colleges use your board score to determine if you need remedial classes. Get a high score and test out. That can save you thousands of dollars in tuition.
·        Improve your overall education. Studying for the SAT or ACT can help you spot areas where you’re weak in the classroom. Working on SAT prep problems can sharpen your abilities in school and improve your grades and impress college admissions officers.
·        Perform well under pressure. Getting a high score on your entrance exam shows admissions deans that you work well under pressure and prepare for the challenges you’re facing. A high SAT score makes you a better college candidate.
How SAT or ACT Prep Improves Your Score
The most common way SAT prep programs improve your score is through practice questions, but these have their limits. A full program re-creates test conditions using timed tests and sections that get harder as you go along. It should also feature an ability to make questions more difficult as you get smarter, increasing your odds of working through the most difficult questions on the test.
A good SAT prep program also lets you work on your test preparation routinely and without limitations. Log on when you want, as often as you want. This way, you can work months ahead of schedule, giving you a better chance of improving your score. Unlimited access (like in the RSC program) is a great help, whether you’re taking the test for the first time or the third.
The SATs and ACTs have their critics, but the tests are an ingrained part of the system, and your job – for now – is to work with the system. A great SAT score gives you a great chance to succeed!


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