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Posted on Sep 17, 2012 - 06:00 AM | Remedial Classes | Comments (0)

Finish college, avoid remedial classes by getting college prep right.
Imagine this scenario:
The college admissions officer tells you you’re going to need remedial English and remedial Math, and depending on your major, maybe remedial Science. What do you do?
  • Choose a different college.
  • Choose a different major.
  • Take summer classes to avoid remedial classes.
  • Go back in time and do high school all over again.
Okay, so the first three answers are all possibilities, but the fourth one isn’t. In order to avoid the first three, you need to get college prep right the first time.
So how do you do that?
College Prep Means College Research
You need to plan ahead and research your options. Try the following steps:
·        Find the college that’s right for you. RSC’s database has nearly 5,000 colleges where you can find the average grade point average, class rank and SAT or ACT scores of incoming freshman. If you’re average or above average at those colleges, you probably won’t need remedial classes. If not, your college counselor might require them.
·        Improve your SAT or ACT score. A good SAT or ACT can help you test out of remedial courses – even at colleges that don’t require those tests for admissions. RSC’s online SAT and ACT prep materials can be a big help here.
·        Know where your major is a good fit. While you’re logged into RSC’s college database, find out where your intended major is a good fit. Find schools that specialize in that field, have extra financial aid for those students, and career guidance and workforce placement. This may not get you out of remedial classes, but it could make taking them more bearable if the college is good for your long-term goals.
By now you might be asking yourself, what’s the big deal about remedial classes anyway? Simple. They add to your total cost of college. They make an already expensive college more expensive.
Save on College – Skip Remedial Classes
Roughly 42% of incoming freshman need to take remedial classes. These classes are a booming business for colleges because the schools charge you for taking them but don’t give your any credit hours for your hard work. You still need all your prerequisites, major classes and electives to graduate. Some colleges may offer you low-cost options, such as community college classes as a replacement for remedial classes, but it’s easy to see that no-cost is better than low-cost.
Avoid remedial classes by:
  • Taking Advanced Placement classes
  • Getting good SAT or ACT scores
  • Applying to schools where you’re a good academic fit
Being college ready is a big part of finishing college. Students who take remedial classes are far more likely to drop out, and that will cost you a small fortune with nothing to show for it. Use college prep to help you get ready for college and graduate – at a price you can afford.
To let RSC help you avoid remedial classes and improve your college prep, call 800-898-4636 or sign up online!


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