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Posted on Jul 13, 2012 - 06:00 AM | Personality Tests | Comments (1)

There are almost as many ways to learn as there are subjects to study, and knowing your learning style can be the difference between a graduating and dropping out.
Some people learn best at night; others in the morning. Some people learn best by reading; others through a lecture. Some people prefer music; others dead silence. There’s rote memorization, copying lessons, study groups and studying solo. When you put these and other learning styles together it makes for a formula almost as complicated as calculus.
So how do you learn your specific learning style?
Learning Style Mistakes
Unfortunately, too many people learn by trial and error. They try one way and fail; then another way, and fail again. Perhaps they find something that works, perhaps not. By the time they figure out which way helps them learn best, several tests have gone by, or worse, several school years.
Other people take the school approach. That is, like a teacher in front of 30 students, they try a variety of styles: watching videos, reading books, group projects, listening to recorded lectures, writing notes, etc. This commonly leads to problems because they struggle to find the one that works. Perhaps they like socializing, but are better off studying alone. Can they separate themselves from their friends? Or maybe online videos seem to work, until their grades come back. It’s not much different trial and error.
Still, other students follow the advice of parents, teachers or friends. Mom says, “I find it best to study this way,” or Dad says, “This always worked for me.” With any luck, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree and those suggestions work, but it’s not all that common. People have different styles and subsets of styles when it comes to learning.
The best way to know your learning style is to take what’s called the Learning Style Inventory test. This short test asks pointed questions to determine your learning style, presenting a more complete picture of what works – and doesn’t work – for you. It’s more accurate than guessing and way faster than trial and error.
(To take the Learning Style Inventory, contact us at 800-898-4636 and become an RSC student.)
When Should I Take the Learning Style Inventory test?
The sooner you take it, the better. This allows you to hit the upcoming school year in stride. If you’re in 8th grade, taking the LSI now can help boost your scores throughout high school, but even upperclassmen benefit once college admissions officers put their grades under a microscope. Your learning style can help you in class, in college, and on the job. The test takes 20 minutes, but the results can last a lifetime!
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Comments (1)

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