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Posted on Apr 27, 2012 - 06:00 AM | News | Comments (0)

From 2006-2011, 43 states cut the amount of money they spend on higher education. A few, like New York, Oklahoma, and Mississippi made very small cuts, but many, like South Carolina, Rhode Island, New Mexico and Iowa gutted their programs.
How they cut the money is as varied as their locations and politics. Some decreased support for state universities, forcing state schools to increase tuition or cut staff. People think private colleges are expensive, but when it comes to tuition hikes over the past 10 years, they’ve been dwarfed by public universities.
Other states, like Michigan and Missouri, made drastic cuts to financial aid. Pundits are fond of saying that states need to cut expenses to the bone following the Great Recession, but as this data shows, these cuts began before the greatest economic downturn in 80 years even began.
Despite state and federal cuts to financial aid, there is still money out there, if you know how to get it. For now, see if you live in one of the seven states that actually increased its spending on higher ed. Of course, the odds are against you. The seven states combined have a population smaller than California. The five smallest states have a population smaller than New York City.
Or watch this financial aid and college prep video to see how the system works:



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