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                                                                                      National PTA and Rew... More

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From 2006-2011, 43 states cut the amount of money they spend on higher education. A few, like New York, Oklahoma, and Mississippi made very small cuts, but many, like South Carolina, Rhode Island, New Mexico and Iowa gutted their programs.   How they cut the money is as varied as their locations and politics. Some decreased support for state universities, forcing state schools to increase tuition or cut staff. People think private colleges are expensive, but when it comes to tuition hikes over the past 10 years, they’ve been dwarfed by public universities.   Other states, l... More

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RSC Your College Prep Expert has compiled a list of the Top 10 Education Stories of 2011. Many, like Occupy Wall Street, received major media attention, while others were little noticed but significant nonetheless.   In reverse order, here are the top stories of 2011:   10. Harvard No Longer Number One. US News & World Report dropped the Ivy League stalwart into a tie for first place with fellow Ivy Leaguer Princeton, and for the first time since it began ranking the world’s colleges 8 years ago, Times Higher Education pulled Harvard from the top spot. Harvard’s s... More




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