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Posted on Sep 10, 2012 - 06:00 AM | Guidance Counselors | Comments (0)

Hundreds of Thousands of Layoffs Affect the Way You Get Ready for College
Have you noticed a decline in America’s education? Are you worried that too few teachers and too many students won’t help kids learn more?
You’re not alone. According to a new federal report released in August*, 300,000 teachers have been laid off since the Great Recession officially ended in 2009. Decreased federal funds and depleted state and local resources have led to a purging of the nation’s educators and created a swollen teacher-student ratio that is at its highest in more than 10 years.
So what does all that mean for your student?
Impact of Teacher Layoffs
First, the bad news – larger class sizes are expected to have the following impact:
·        Lower high-school graduation rate
·        Fewer students taking the SAT or ACT
·        Lower college enrollment
·        Lower college graduation rates
It’s easy to see why. There are plenty of studies that show the advantages of smaller class sizes – more teacher attention, more time spent on task, etc. But students aren’t just facing a teacher shortage: guidance counselors are in short supply, too.
The Guidance Counselor Shortage
The average guidance counselor already sees nearly twice the number of recommended students (467 vs 250, respectively), but education cuts could make that worse. Fortuanately, the private sector is booming with options to help students overcome this guidance counseor shortfall. Unfortunately, many of those options are extremely expensive – but they don’t have to be.
RSC recently brought all its time-tested services online, allowing us to cut our prices and make the program even more convenient for you. It’s easy to take advantage of all our private guidance counselor services without leaving your home:
·        College prep materials – college prep checklists, an in-depth college research database, career tools, personality tests, handbooks, videos, and much more!
·        SAT test prep materials – way more than your counselor can offer, including practice questions, timed tests, vocabulary builders and much more
·        4-year high-school planner – plan ahead, stay ahead
Good guidance…
·        Improves your chances of college enrollment
·        Improves your chances of graduating college
·        Improves your chances of getting great financial aid
As parents, we spend hundreds – maybe even thousands – of dollars on school supplies, school clothes, field trips and tech gadgets for the classroom. Which is why RSC cut its price – so that you’re not stuck with a super expensive product replacing a much cheaper one. And then we add in the added advantage of being way more convenient!
Do you want college prep on your schedule? Then RSC is the way to go.
Millions of dollars in education cuts are hurting students every day. Don’t you want to get some of those benefits back for just a few hundred dollars?
If so, call 800-898-4636 to enroll in the RSC program today. Education cuts won’t wait and the impact is almost immediate. Take action today and improve your college prep!
*Investing in Our Future: Returning Teachers to the Classroom


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