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Posted on Jul 03, 2013 - 09:55 AM | Financial Aid | Comments (1)

The cost of college is like the Great Wall of China, and nearly as imposing to high-school students and their families: one kept the Mongols from invading; the other is keeping students out of college:
The Effects of the High Cost of College
  • 80% of students who wanted to go to college but didn’t say it was the cost of tuition that kept them out.
  • 2/3’s of college graduates said that cost was either extremely or very important in helping them decide where to go.
  • Wealthy students are only 1¼ times more likely to go to college than low-income students, but they are nearly 10 times more likely to graduate in 6 years.
College remains a big part of the American dream. As proof, consider the fact that between 1972 and 2008, lower-income graduation rates have remained steady, even as college costs have skyrocketed. They’re holding their own because they want to go to college.
Of course, upper-income students who have been able to absorb exorbitant tuition have done better. Their graduation rate isn’t steady; it’s more than doubled.
Affordable Ways to Narrow the Graduation Gap
Some colleges have attempted to help low-income students enter college, but with limited success. After all, tuition is going up faster than financial aid. Since 1982, tuition has increased more than 450%; federal grant money and gift aid has actually gone down.
College prep has also helped, but again, with limited success. Too often they work on small sections of college prep at too great a price, say $1500 just for the SATs and nothing else. Or $3000 for classroom tutoring and nothing else.
RSC focuses on all aspects of college prep at an affordable price.
RSC’s College Prep Plan:
  1. College Prep Classes – Not just Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, or International Baccalaureate (IB), but the right classes to help students get into the colleges they want.
  2. SAT/ACT Prep – a top course that gets tougher as you get better. Many of our students say their SAT score jumped 200 (or more!) points.
  3. Career and College Matching – Find colleges that can help you most with your chosen career. Not only will you stay motivated, you could get great financial aid.
  4. Financial Aid Advice – Bring that Great Wall tumbling down. RSC offers college-bound financial aid advice, a list of top financial aid colleges and a thorough financial aid handbook.
As you can see, RSC helps families prepare for college academically and financially. The best way to get financial aid is by qualifying for need-based and merit-based aid. Low-income students often qualify for Pell Grants and other gift aid to make up for their income, but they fail to qualify for aid based on their grades, test scores, class selection and more. RSC wants to help them change that.
It took 2,000 years to build the Great Wall of China, but it’s time as a deterrent has ended. RSC thinks the same when it comes to the wall separating rich from poor in the world of college prep.


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