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Posted on Jul 23, 2014 - 06:00 AM | Financial Aid | Comments (0)

If you were told that Abraham Lincoln couldn’t keep the United States from falling into civil war, didn’t want to free the slaves, created the country’s first income tax and suspended the writ of habeas corpus, you wouldn’t think he was our best president.   But he was.   In other words, it’s difficult to make the right decision without all the information.   The lack of good information is also driving up the cost of college. Families often get only one side of the argument.   Bad Information Affecting the Cost of College   &mid... More

Posted on Jun 04, 2014 - 06:00 AM | Financial Aid | Comments (0)

Financial Aid Facts Show the Importance of College Prep Do you wish you had more information on financial aid? If, so, you’re not alone: 56% of parents with students interested in college wish they had more information on financial aid. We can believe it. Our families come in with all sorts of questions, which is why we have handbooks for grade levels 8 thorugh 12, a Knowledge Nugget video for every month of every grade level, and an entire department devoted to helping students get better financial aid. Financial Aid Facts Here’s one financial aid fact you should find ... More

Posted on May 28, 2014 - 06:00 AM | Financial Aid | Comments (1)

The first question people ask when they pay their taxes is, “Where is my money going? What is the government spending it on?”   Increasingly, the answer is not financial aid. Cutting education from budgets has become a big way for the federal and state governments to save money.   Education and Financial Aid Budget Cuts   ·        The new automatic zero. Prior to 2012, families who made less than $30,000 per year were not expected to contribute financially to their student’s college education. Now it’s $20,0... More

Posted on May 12, 2014 - 06:00 AM | Financial Aid | Comments (0)

A student opens his financial aid package from his first choice college excited yet nervous to see what they’ve offered. His smile disappears. I won’t be going to that school, he thinks, unless they offer me more money.   Somehow, his first choice became his last choice, unless he can answer this question, “How can I get a college to give me more money?”   Appeal for More Financial Aid   First, understand that not every college considers it a negotiation. Some call it an appeal, because that’s essentially what you’re doing – appeal... More

Posted on Jan 20, 2014 - 09:15 AM | Financial Aid | Comments (0)

When students ask an adviser, “How do I get financial aid?” they typically get the response, “Fill out the FAFSA."   The FAFSA (or Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is an essential step in getting financial aid, but it’s a step near the end of your journey. You’ll get a lot better financial aid if you start planning early, long before the middle of your senior year.   Planning for Good Financial Aid   Planning for college doesn’t just mean putting money in a 529 Plan, Individual Development Account or other savings plan &nda... More

Posted on Jan 15, 2014 - 09:05 AM | Financial Aid | Comments (0)

When students hear they’ve won a scholarship, they’re excited. Someone has recognized a special talent or ability of theirs and is making an expensive college just a little bit more affordable. They think the scholarship will add to any financial aid they get.   Most of the time, they never find out the truth.   Many colleges actually deduct the scholarship you receive from your total financial aid package, meaning you’re no better off now than you were before you received the scholarship. The college simply awarded some of the need-based aid it planned to give ... More




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