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Posted on Jun 02, 2014 - 06:00 AM | College Tuition | Comments (0)

In Pennsylvania, people were arrested for protesting cuts to K-12 education.
In California, they were arrested for protesting cuts to college education.
It’s easy to see why people are suddenly up in arms. These cuts are having a real impact on how students learn. The responsibility is increasingly falling on the shoulders of worried and overworked families.
Basic services schools used to provide as a matter of course are being diluted, weakened, or cut out altogether.
Consider these facts…
·        Since 2006, 34 states have cut K-12 spending
·        Since 2006, 43 states have cut higher education spending
·        The average guidance counselor sees twice the recommended number of students
·        Student-teacher ratios and class sizes have grown by a third
Financial Aid Problems for Students
Budget cuts make it difficult for families to pay for college. States are cutting need-based aid, which middle and lower-income students rely on heavily to cut their college costs. At the same time, state funding cuts are forcing public colleges to raise tuition at an alarming rate. Over the past ten years, state universities have increased tuition at nearly twice the rate of private colleges. Combine those tuition hikes with less financial aid to award (again thanks to budget cuts) and those “cheap” state schools look a whole lot more expensive.
Unfortunately, the problem is more insidious than that. Remember those cuts to K-12 public education? It makes it more difficult for students to get good grades, ace the SAT or ACT, participate in extracurricular activities, etc. All the things that give a student an impressive college resume are being taken away at a time when college admissions is becoming more competitive than ever.
In other words, it’s difficult to get any merit-based scholarships and grants to make up for the cuts to need-based aid. It’s a vicious circle.
Relying on Private College Prep Counselors
More and more, cuts in public education are forcing students to turn to private tutors and counselors to stay competitive. So how do you decide between all your options?
RSC’s Unique Advantages
RSC covers every aspect of college prep and financial aid, but we’re truly unique in that:
·        Students can prepare for college as early as 8th grade.
·        We help 8th graders map out all their high-school courses.
·        We provide complete and accurate college prep estimates.
·        We’ll actually fill out your financial aid forms if you need it.
·        We have an original program to motivate students.
·        Parents receive materials to help them guide their children, too.
·        Students work on getting several types of financial aid to reduce or eliminate student loan debt.
·        Our program is price to help low- and middle-income families compete.
Budget cuts are hurting students in the classroom and the wallet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t succeed. The resourceful always find a way to get ahead. Let RSC help you take advantage of your talents and build a college plan you can depend on.
Take advantage of grade-appropriate handbooks, worksheets, videos, SAT/ACT prep and much more. The government won’t get you ready for college anymore; that’s up to you.


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