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Posted on May 25, 2012 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

One look at the college dropout rate reveals that high school is not preparing students for college. It’s particularly true when you examine the rates for low-income students. There’s a problem with traditional college prep that’s leading students to drop out and take major debts with them.
Problems with Traditional College Prep
·        SAT scores based on income.  For every additional $10,000 a family makes, SAT scores go up 15 points. Income advantages in SAT and ACT tests are well documented, but preparing for those tests can be expensive.
·        Time. College prep is on a schedule, starting with classes and SAT or ACT prep sessions. If you don’t get everything done in time you’re going to fall behind.
·        Critical thinking. Tests repeatedly show that high-school and college freshmen make no gains in critical thinking by senior year, and yet it’s one thing employers are desperate to see.
·        Goals. According to the Department of Defense, only 15% of high schools offer tests that help students determine their goals. Students are taking college prep without purpose, or just the empty “to go to college.”
·        College-cost estimates. What’s the point of planning for college if you can’t afford it? College-cost estimates provided by colleges and the government are typically inaccurate.
·        Financial aid education. Somehow parents and their 17- or 18-year old student are expected to know the complexities of the financial aid system, even when they often receive bad advice like, “just fill out the FAFSA and you’ll be fine.”  If that were true, student loan debt wouldn’t top $1 trillion, the average 2012 graduate wouldn’t owe $29,000, and students wouldn’t have a $12,000 gap after receiving financial aid.
Overcoming Problems with Traditional College Prep
·        Affordable SAT and ACT prep. RSC offers SAT prep at a price way below our competitors. It’s personalized to your needs, features unlimited hours, and is available as soon as you join our program. It can even help with the PSAT or possible state tests.
·        Time. RSC’s 5-year, on-demand program offers you unlimited time. Log in and begin. How you study isn’t dependent on someone else’s schedule.
·        Critical Thinking. Our reading list contains books specifically designed to improve critical thinking drawn from the Foundation for Critical Thinking. Our program also includes research tools and self-analysis to improve your thought process.
·        Goals. One of the most popular parts of our program is the personality tests. Your insights determine your goals, career options, college major and the schools that can help you. Shape your future according to your personality.
·        Accurate college-cost estimates. Families have thanked us for just how accurate our estimates are. They’re built around your family’s situation and include your total cost of college, a breakdown of financial aid you’re likely to receive, and more. Download Your Cost of College to see how this works.
·        Financial aid help. We don’t want families to go it alone. We include a financial handbook, a list of Top Financial Aid Colleges, and assistance with financial aid forms. We’ll even fill them out for you if you’d like. Our handbook lists terms you need to know, mistakes to avoid and much more. We’ll make sure your financial aid education is as good as your college prep.
To make sure you don’t fall for what’s missing in college prep, attend one of our FREE financial aid webinars by calling 800-898-4636. Get started today. The longer you wait, the more you’ll miss!


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