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At their best, the Olympic Games are filled with inspirational tales: Jesse Owens defeating Adolf Hitler “master race”, Wilma Rudolph overcoming polio, Kerri Strug landing on a broken leg, gold for the U.S. men’s hockey team in 1980 and gold for the women’s soccer team in 1996.
It’s is also filled with epic collapses and failures. Both serve as learning experiences.
6 College Prep Lessons from the Olympic Games
·        Practice makes perfect. For an Olympic swimmer, that might mean 8 hours a day in the pool. For the college prep student, that means constant reading and problem-solving. Hone your skills. Practice for the SATs or ACTs, the Advanced Placement tests and more. Keep getting better!
·        Set long-term goals. You don’t start training for the Olympics six months before they start, and you don’t start preparing for college junior year. It takes several years to get ready for college. Start early; develop a 4-year plan to meet your college and career goals.
·        It’s a global world. The Olympics used to be an every four-year get-together. Now they’re every two years and feature athletes who compete against one another all the time. International competitions are routine, and professional leagues like the NBA and NHL have players from all over the world who compete in the Olympics. And just like the Games, you’ll be competing against the best foreign competition, whether it’s in the classroom or the workplace.
·        Finances are important. Every Olympics sees it share of stories about an athlete who worked as a waitress or deliveryman so they could keep training. They needed money to finance their dreams and so do you. Applying for financial aid is a start, but you need to make sure you get every penny you deserve or your dream might not come true either.
·        Coaching makes a difference. Even top athletes need coaching, and so do college prep students. RSC’s program professionally prepares you for the SATs or ACTs, applying to college, writing your admissions essay, getting great financial aid planning and much more.
·        Only the most dedicated succeed. No one wins Olympic gold by accident. It takes years of hard work, planning and sacrifice. The same goes for college prep. It’s a difficult system right now, marked by high tuition, financial aid cuts, and high unemployment among recent graduates, but the most dedicated and driven students succeed.
The Biggest College Prep Lesson from the Olympics
Perhaps the biggest lesson the Olympics offers is Don’t Give Up. They athletes have all faced adversity, but they kept going. They set their goals and got the coaching they needed. It’s exactly what the right college prep does for you – it helps you set your goals, then gives you the tools and techniques to reach them.  
Going to college may not seem like an Olympian task, but students face daunting obstacles every day. They worry about their grades, SAT scores, financial aid, and college readiness – and yet the most prepared succeed. Take a lesson from them and the Olympians you’re about to see – be prepared and don’t give up!
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