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Posted on Aug 09, 2012 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

What is the purpose of college prep? Is it to get students:

Ready for college?

Ready for a career?

Great financial aid?

In a word, “Yes.”

Good college prep should do all those things. Unfortunately, those purposes are generally segmented. Most companies don’t provide the whole package – and buying each service separately can cost hundreds, and more likely, thousands of dollars.

Complete College Prep

A good college prep service combined all the above goals into one program. Ideally. This way, each aspect of college prep relies upon and benefits the other.

       Being college ready means taking the right college prep (Advanced Placement, Honors, etc.) and regular classes, plus good SAT or ACT scores – all of which lead to better financial aid.
·        Being career ready means knowing your college major, developing a career plan and finding colleges that meet your professional goals. All this leads to better financial aid, too.
·        Great financial aid means attending good colleges and having an impressive college resumé. And in order to attend good colleges, you need to be college ready.

All these things mean you’re more likely to graduate college and land a great job afterward – which is the real purpose of college prep.

Impact of Comprehensive College Prep

College prep that provides the three core elements – college readiness, career readiness, and financial aid – has many other advantages. Most important, it cuts the college dropout rate. This alone puts you on a better career path and makes it four times more likely you’ll pay off your student loans.

College prep also reduces your risk of transferring colleges or changing majors, two mistakes that can end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in additional tuition and lost wages. College prep also improves your chances of testing out of remedial classes. Such classes play a big part in raising a student’s total college costs because they mean extra classes for which you get no credit. That adds to your time on campus, and that time means money. According to the College Board, college prep students graduate in 4 ½ years, a year sooner than those who don’t properly prepare. That’s a year’s worth of tuition college prep students get to keep.

Comprehensive college prep systematically eliminates many of things that raise your cost of college by thousands, and more likely, tens of thousands, of dollars.

The primary purpose of college prep may be to get you ready for college, but a big bonus is giving you the ability to pay for it. A program that strongly focuses on the three dominant elements of college prep is extremely rare, and no one does it more affordably than RSC.

That’s because, like you, we’ve done our homework. Our 20+ years in this business means we know what it takes to succeed in college and will get you started down that path without breaking your budget. Our price makes it possible for you to benefit from all three purposes of college prep!

Join the RSC program today by calling 800-898-4636 or signing up here!



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