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Posted on Jun 11, 2012 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

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Last Wednesday, John Briggs, our communications director, participated in the program Raising Great Men, hosted by Marie Roker-Jones. Here is some of what they discussed.
How outnumbered are men on college campuses?
Men make up 43% of college students and are outnumbered by nearly 2 million women, despite being a majority of the population between the ages 18-24. By the end of this decade, women are expected to outnumber men 60-40%.
Why are boys not interested in college?
They often believe they can’t do the work, which indicates poor planning. Many boys also underestimate the education they need for the jobs they want. They believe they can design video games without a degree in computer science, or work on houses without a degree in architecture, engineering or other specialty. Even many manufacturing jobs today require at least an associate degree.
What mistakes do parents make in college prep?
Not getting their son focused or ready soon enough, as well as pushing their own agenda by not letting their student pick his own college or major. That can take some of the thrill or interest out of college. Also, parents often don’t save enough. In one study, the average parent only saves enough to cover 18% of college costs. Given skyrocketing tuition, that’s just not enough without good financial aid.
How does RSC help parents get their student ready for college?
We offer an original parent handbook and video tutorials, plus a slew of financial aid materials to help them plan and save for college. We offer advice on how parents can help their children narrow their career and college choices. There’s even a whole section on how to talk about college, what questions to provide college admissions officers, and how to address topics like campus safety, medical issues, living on your own and money. Parents should be full partners in their child’s college prep. Our one-of-a-kind Parent College Prep Checklist makes sure you don’t miss a step.
When should parents start discussing college?
Grade school. No, we’re not kidding. The serious work begins in 8th or 9th grade, but plant the seed early. Start a savings fund that is specifically for college and then let them know. Visit a college and explain parts of it they can understand – the library, dorms, etc. Let them know it’s real and tangible and that you expect them to go. They’ll listen. 94% of parents expect their child to go to college. Make sure you’re planning for it early, and then get them started in a college prep program come 8th grade. It will pay off.
College Prep Topics
John and Marie discussed plenty of other topics, including how scholarships work, can Facebook hurt your admissions chances, what’s the value of US News & World Report’s college rankings, how can parents keep seniors organized, and what should juniors be doing the summer before senior year.
It was an engaging and interesting conversation and we’re glad to have joined Marie and Raising Great Men for the full hour. Listen to the show and learn how you can raise a great college student!
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