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Posted on Aug 01, 2012 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

Who doesn’t like a good bargain? People shop at dollars stores and discount outlets to save a few dollars buying generic over brand name. They’ll drive across town to save a few pennies on a gallon of gas.
Some people take the same approach when saving for college, scrimping and saving and shopping for bargains in an effort to put away a little bit more to pay for college.
Now what if there was a way to save thousands on college expenses by taking the same approach – paying far less for service than you’d expect? A program designed to earn you thousands more in financial aid without making a profit for the company providing it?
That’s a bargain that’s tough to turn down.
Great Value in College Prep
There are key elements that can make a trip to the dollar store worthwhile.
·        Affordable. Dollar stores pride themselves on low-cost products that are as good as brand-name merchandise. RSC does the same. Due to the way we price our products and cut our overhead, we can bring you the best in college prep at a price far below the going rate. College prep should be affordable to everyone.
·        Variety. Dollar store variety has exploded in the past few years, and the same is true for our program. It covers every aspect of college prep, from SAT and ACT test prep to researching schools, compiling a great resume and getting great financial aid. Some places specialize in a product or two, but we make sure you can get it all in one place.
·        Convenient. Dollar stores let you zip in and zip out, which is just what we do. You can start using our program the day you sign up, and it’s easy to sign back in. Visit the homepage, log in and go. Everything is explained in step-by-step fashion and you can do it all from the comfort of your own home. No Saturday classes or afterschool workshops. Your college prep experience should be as pleasant as possible.
·        Financially rewarding. When you buy something, you want it to benefit you. You want it to last a long time and be worth every penny you paid, no matter how much it costs. RSC’s financial aid planning and college prep service works hard to get you thousands of dollars in additional financial aid every year. By starting as early as 8th or 9th grade, you can make your college prep extremely rewarding and valuable – just like you wan it to be!
Paying for College With Good College Prep
Of course, you can’t actually save for college by shopping at the dollar store. A dollar here or a dollar there won’t make a difference – not when the cost of college is $20,000 or more per year. But for just $225, you can get thousands back. It’s a bargain that other college prep companies simply can’t match.
You don’t get all the frills you might at an onsite location, but you do get direct and unlimited access to our materials backed by our 20+ years of experience and proven results. Plus, you get savings. BIG Savings. You can save hundreds of dollars on college prep and thousands more on college.
So don’t just pinch pennies; get every penny you deserve with great college prep!
Sign up today and enroll for just $225!


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