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Posted on Aug 01, 2013 - 09:10 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

Most people know about the high cost of college, from skyrocketing tuition (up 300% since 1990) and high-interest loans (tripled since 1999), but there are two areas where they remain a little vague: the cost to get into college and extra fees once their student is in:
The Cost of College Prep
  • Americans spend $2.5 billion per year on college prep and tutors
  • Some SAT or ACT test prep courses can cost upwards of $5000
  • Some college prep courses cost $1500 or more for just four months of training
  • A high-end private tutor can earn $35,000 per year, per student.
At these prices, it’s easy to see why college prep has long been considered a “rich man’s game.” Students from wealthier families typically get better SAT scores and earn admission to better colleges. Of course, preparing for college isn’t the only unforeseen expense. Once students get in, they encounter plenty of college fees and costs they didn’t count on.
Unexpected College Fees and Expenses
Families often set aside money for library fees, lab fees, even parking fees, but often fail to remember:
  • Health insurance. If you’re not on your parent’s plan, colleges will sell it to you
  • Freshman Orientation. This can get expensive if you’re coming in from out of town – travel, food, etc.
  • Dorm Furniture. The average Freshman spends $1200 to decorate their dorm room and add basic comforts. Colleges simply don’t offer everything you want or need.
  • Additional meals. The school cafeteria doesn’t serve dorm food around the clock, but students pulling an all-nighter still get hungry at 3 a.m.
These are just the likely expenses you’ll face, but what if your student wants to spend a semester studying abroad, join a fraternity or sorority, or buy college sweatshirts and pennants?
College Prep at a Reasonable Cost
RSC addresses the problems of paying too much for college prep and SAT and ACT materials by keeping our prices affordable. We bundle our services into one comprehensive package that keeps our expenses – and your costs – low. 


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