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Posted on Aug 23, 2012 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

College prep can be affordable. It can even bring down the cost of college.
Why does college prep have to be so expensive?
The answer is, it doesn’t, and yet just a few weeks at some college prep companies can cost you as much as an entire semester at a community college. Why is that?
There’s no easy answer, but there are two leading possibilities
·        College prep follows the college model – the more a college costs, the more prestigious it appears. Many of the best-known names in college prep charge more than $1,000 for a few weeks of service.
·        Many college prep companies are boutique operations. They operate like small private colleges. They handle a few clients at a time and have to charge large amounts to make ends meet. They offer great personal attention, but at a price.
How Does RSC Keep Its Price So Low?
Everyone wants college and college prep to be affordable, right? So we set out looking for ways to make our program more efficient. That meant learning from the best. Here’s what we found:
·        From amazon: Bring everything online and drop your prices. And since you can download all our files, we don’t even have to worry about shipping!
·        From Walmart: Volume matters. The more people you serve, the lower your price can be. Our program has helped tens of thousands of students. By expanding that number, we can lower our prices even more.
·        From Microsoft. Ever notice how you can buy a ton of Microsoft products under the umbrella title Microsoft Office? By combining a variety of products into one program, we cut our price because we don’t have to make a profit on every little thing.
·        Like Apple. You can buy an iPhone, iPod and iPad separately, but they also work together very well. We’ve separated our most expensive product – Paperwork Services – into a separate program to keep our college prep price low, but the two of them work together beautifully!
·        From the Post Office – We know. You’re thinking, “What can you learn from the Post Office?” We learned that service matters. Ever stand in one of those long lines, listening to people grumble, with two employees at the counter and 20 people in front of you? Us, too. We learned that you need to respond quickly and politely. So how does that help us cut our prices? It doesn’t, but we thought you should know that despite being online, we know that service matters.
Lowering the Cost of College
Can college prep really bring down the cost of college? If done right, yes.
Good college prep gets you great financial aid, but it lowers your college costs in many other ways.
·        The right college for you gives you better financial aid.
·        You’ll avoid the errors that drive up your cost: not graduating on time, transferring college and changing majors.
·        You’ll test out of remedial classes and get college credit for all your classes.
College prep isn’t just a few AP courses or SAT/ACT prep. It’s a plan to get you into and through college. Done right, it’s a low-cost plan with high-end results – like college.
The college model may be driving up the cost of college prep, but the new model, where everything is coming online, should drive down the price. It certainly does at RSC!
Get 5 years of college prep for only $225 for 5 years. Take advantage of our back-to-school pricing today! Call 800-898-4636 or click here.


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