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Posted on Jun 15, 2012 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

In 1996, Ken Wilber released the book, A Brief History of Everything. It had to be brief, otherwise he’d still be writing it.
Mel Brooks got how difficult it is to sum up everything when he added Part I to his 1981 film History of the World.
As an exercise, try to sum everything you do in school in a few sentences, but still explain it in great detail. Pretend you’re trying to tell a college admissions officer everything you’ve done in the past year. And remember, keep it succinct yet complete.
It’s not easy, is it?
It’s difficult to sum up the big picture in just a few words, but today people are obsessed with the elevator pitch, so let’s give it a shot.
College Prep Services
Many college prep companies focus on one or two things. They may be good at it, but it’s not really college prep. It’s just a part of the puzzle.
·        SAT/ACT prep. Plenty of companies offer this, though few do it with unlimited help, a curriculum that starts at your level of achievement, and assistance in understanding where and how your scores will do you the most good. It’s great to boost your score, but then what? Learn to use your best score to your advantage.
·        Financial aid. Most financial aid companies either help you search for scholarships that often do you no good or try to sell you student loans. Some simply fill out the FAFSA and call it a day. Families need a way to increase both need-based and merit-based aid and decrease their reliance on student loans. The average graduate now owes $29,000 in loans. Why add to it with poor financial aid advice or service? Develop a full plan with RSC’s financial aid handbooks, merit-aid strategies, and comprehensive forms assistance.
·        College research. Knowing as much as possible about a college before you apply is imperative, but you need more than a few facts – you need in-depth information. RSC provides more than 25 different criteria by which you may judge a college, then uses your likes and dislikes to narrow your choices. You get help researching colleges online and in-person so that you’ll know if a college is right for you.
·        Applications and essays. Creating a stellar college application and admissions essay is a great way to catch an admissions officer’s attention, but you don’t start the process senior year – you start it much earlier. You need to think about your college application as early as 9th grade. (Our 4-Year Planner can be a big help here.)
Additional College Prep Actions
Unfortunately, the above steps are not all you need, or all that our program offers. We also provide career guidance, time-management skills, learning style development, personality tests and much more.
When a company simply says, “We help you take the SAT” or “search for scholarships,” it’s easy to understand what they do, but when you’re helping students develop a full plan to get better financial aid, improve their SAT or ACT scores, find the college that’s perfect for them, and outline a path for college and career success, well – how do you put that into a few words?
I guess we just did, but that’s exactly what our program does. We focus on the big college picture by helping you do all the little things right.
(To see everything we provide students and families, take a quick look at our Price & Service omparison Chart.)


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