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Posted on Dec 23, 2013 - 09:10 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

While reflecting on the students our counselors work with this holiday season, it occurred to us that we receive a great deal from them every day. It’s only fitting that during the “season of giving,” we appreciate what they’ve given us.
Melissa didn’t know what her college major should be. Working with one of our counselors helped her finally settle on a career in music. It isn’t one of those career-oriented STEM subjects grabbing headlines, but it’s what she wanted to do. It was her passion.
This summer, Melissa toured China.
Melissa’s willingness to follow her dream is inspirational.
Samantha’s family faced plenty of difficulties while she was preparing for college – job loss, medical expenses, caring for grandparents, and more, but she never gave up on the idea of going to college. She worked hard throughout every trial and tribulation and got accepted into Cal State Chico.
Samantha’s story motivates us to succeed, too.
To say Matt dreams big is an understatement. The first thing he told us when we met him was that he wanted “to build a rocket ship and fly it to the moon.” And you know what? We were so inspired by his vision that we immediately set out to help him build a detailed plan to match his out-of-this-world imagination.
Matt’s determination makes us think big.
We also appreciate all the gratitude our students show us. Our counselors enjoy every thank you, or every time a family signs up a new or additional student. It’s our pleasure to extend heartfelt thanks during the season of giving to our students and to let them know that we value every kind word they’ve given us.
Our students are an amazing group to work with and prepare for college and career. For all the bad news out there about rising tuition, student loan debt, and high unemployment, they believe they can overcome. They know that by preparing for college early, they’ll get a better education, a better job, and a better life. We admire their infectious optimism and can-do spirit.
They’re an inspiration us, and that’s a great gift to receive. We’re excited about working with them in the New Year and wondering what the next year brings.
Have a great holiday season everyone!
Here’s more from our families:

(Just a reminder: Our staff is off Wednesday in honor of the holiday, but we’ll be back in the office on Thursday, December 26th, ready to take your calls and answer your questions. Have a great start to your winter break!)


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