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Posted on Jul 18, 2012 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

Homeschoolers face unique challenges – and tremendous opportunities – when it comes to college prep. Fortunately, their dedication and drive, along with proper guidance and planning, make it possible for them to attend any college in the country.
Considerations in Homeschool College Prep
·        Course selection. Students in formal schools are often limited in their electives to what the school offers. Homeschoolers have a wider range and can easily match courses to potential college majors and career interests.
·        SAT/ACT test prep. Some schools provide SAT or ACT test materials to students, but not all, and good materials can be difficult to come by.
·        College selection. Homeschool students looking to impress colleges need to know the average grade point average and SAT/ACT scores of incoming freshmen, along with their personal tastes in campus styles. There are more than 25 ways to judge a college’s quality. By knowing what you want in a college, you’ll know whether you fit in on campus. Are you the type of student who can’t wait for a taste of the big university or one who wants the continued comfort of the personalized classroom?
·        Activities. College admissions officers examine your high-school activities. For homeschoolers, this generally means getting involved in outside activities or organized sports. You have almost as many options as a traditional high-schooler, but have more flexibility in your schedule. Impress colleges by knowing which activities to incorporate into your career plans.
·        Recommendations. It’s tough to get teacher recommendations if your only teacher is a parent. While colleges put great emphasis on teacher recommendations, they also accept them from other professionals you know. Develop a plan to get them.
·        Financial aid. Good financial aid advice is difficult to get anywhere because there are so many myths to fall for and regulations to follow. There are ways to improve both merit-based and need-based financial aid, but these require that students (and parents) plan early. Make sure your student has all the financial aid information a guidance counselor would send home – and then some.
College Prep Tools
We’ve put together a number of college prep tools to meet the above problems:
·        4-year planner – map out courses for all four years of high school so that you meet your educational goals.
·        SAT/ACT admissions tests – RSC’s program offers complete flexibility in studying for the SAT or ACT. By incorporating practice questions, timed tests, vocabulary builders and more into our test prep program, we make it very likely you’ll see a big jump in your SAT scores.
·        Access to info on nearly 5,000 colleges – Detailed facts and criteria to find the colleges that fit you best
·        Volunteer and activity suggestions – Find places to improve your college resume, from school to churches and community organizations
·        References – Detailed steps to get alternative references when colleges require them
·        Financial aid materials – handbooks, tips, tools tutorials, college-cost estimates, a list of top financial aid colleges and a focus on both your need-based and merit-based financial aid. It’s more than you’ll find anywhere else.
Our grade-appropriate handbooks are perfect for homeschoolers because they create a full-fledged college prep plan beyond academics. We know homeschool students aren’t afraid of hard work, but our program can make college prep a little bit easier for the most determined students.
To discover everything we offer, view our comparison chart or call 800-898-4636 today!


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