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Posted on Jul 04, 2014 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

In honor of the nation’s birthday, we’ve decided to present a short look back at the history of education, from the Colonial period until today…   Before the American Revolution, only the wealthy went to high school. The poor or trade classes often received some schooling, but then went to work. After the Revolutionary War, public education became popular and America’s booming factories required people to be better educated, so the poor went to high school.   The 19th century saw a groundswell in education. The wealthy built private schools like Groton an... More

Posted on Jul 02, 2014 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

The one complaint students have about summer vacation? It’s too short.   It feels even shorter if you get nothing done.   As tempting as it is to enjoy the beach, hang out, and put in a few days a week at your job, you need to remember that you’re preparing for college, too. Your summer activities and accomplishments should be part of your college resume. They show colleges that you’re motivated all the time.   Four Ways to Stay Motivated This Summer   Set goals. Say to yourself, “Here’s what I need to accomplish this summer,&rdqu... More

Posted on Jun 25, 2014 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

Saving baby birds from their grunting kidnappers or fighting your way through enemy fire to take out the bad guys sound like noble goals, until you realize they’re the bases for two of the most popular games of the past few years – Angry Birds and Call of Duty.   Most people recognize these games for what they are: entertainment. Gamers may discuss them to death, but when it comes down to it, they know it’s not the most important competition to be in.   You compete in all sorts of ways, and one of them is college admissions. What school you’re going t... More

Posted on Jun 11, 2014 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

This is the Information Age. Instant communication. Facts at your fingertips. Upload videos from your phone. Let the world know where you are 24/7. Had a great day? Tell the world in 140 characters or less.   So why in this fast-paced world of new ideas and information do many antiquated ways of looking at college prep remain?   Old Ideas Rooted in College Prep   Start preparing junior year. This is the hardest one to quash. Despite the fact that colleges look at all four years of your high-school record, families often don’t start seriously thinking about coll... More

Posted on May 21, 2014 - 03:30 PM | College Prep | Comments (0)

Are today’s 8th graders under the same pressures that high-school juniors and seniors were 40 years ago?   The answer, in short, is yes. The pressure is not quite as great, but it’s similar. These days, college and career paths begin in junior high.   Consider these facts:   ·        Twice as many high-school graduates go to college today than 40 years ago. ·        94% of parents expect their student to go to college. ·        90% of ... More

Posted on May 05, 2014 - 06:00 AM | College Prep | Comments (0)

It’s been said that life is a series of limiting options. Eventually you reach a point in life where you know you’re not going to be an Olympic athlete, an astronaut, or the president. You also realize that maybe you won’t be a doctor, lawyer, plumber, mechanic, etc. You’ll make choices that erase certain career options from your future.   But education keeps your options open for a much longer period of time.   How College Prep Provides Options   Let’s consider four scenarios.   No math classes. If you don’t take four years of ma... More




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