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Posted on Sep 06, 2012 - 06:00 AM | College Life | Comments (0)

Be ready for college the day you set foot on campus.
Everyone has that image of the nervous freshman, away from home for the first time, stumbling around campus, afraid to ask questions. Then there’s the confident senior, who knows where everything is and really believes he is big man on campus.
But what if you could be a confident freshman right from the start?
It could happen.
Overcoming Freshman Jitters
People give relatively common advice about going to college – learn your way around campus, leave the dorm in groups, review your classes and know where you’re supposed to be and when. We agree with all that, but such advice only helps the freshman feel a little better.
So what makes the college freshman feel a lot better?
Knowing that he or she is at the perfect college for them. Not just the right college, but the one that meets all their needs.
So how do they do that? With college research tools like these:
·        Know you can handle the work. Find a college where you fit in academically. Know that your SAT or ACT score is competitive and that your class rank and high-school GPA put you at or near the top. One of the biggest fears freshmen have is that the work will be too hard. Ease those fears with RSC’s college database that will show you exactly where you fit academically on nearly every campus in the country.
·        Know you fit in. This is a two-part process:
o       Know what you want in a college. Are you looking for a big-city school, a sprawling country campus, a college town, a suburban hideaway? Whatever it is, know what you’re looking for on campus. There are more than 25 ways to judge a college. Use RSC’s list to help you narrow your choice. Then….
o       Visit the campus.Do you like the people you see? Are they like you? Could you be friends with them? If you say “Yes,” then this college could offer you a great social experience.
·        Know you can afford it. Nothing makes a college student more confident than knowing they won’t spend the next 20 years in debt. Get college-cost estimates before you apply to any school and develop a plan to get both merit-based and need-based aid. And, finally, doesn’t it makes sense to find out which colleges offer the best financial aid? (Use RSC’s Top Financial Aid Colleges handbook for this).
Making the Most of Freshman Year
Your first year on campus is exciting. You want to declare your major and pursue you goals. You want to show real independence and hang out with new friends. But you can’t do any of that if you don’t believe in yourself.
The work is going to be hard, the setting unfamiliar, and the cost considerable. That’s a lot to worry about, but college prep can make you a confident freshman and get you started on your future. Knowing that you’re where you’re supposed to be – at the perfect college for you – makes all the difference.
Let RSC’s program help you find it. Being a prepared high-school student will make you a great college freshman!
Sign up by calling 800-898-4636 or enrolling here. We can’t wait to work with you!


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