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Posted on Nov 19, 2013 - 10:45 AM | Career Prep | Comments (0)

There’s a big push these days among parents, teachers, and guidance counselors for students to personalize their education – to take classes that are meaningful to them, develop a unique list of colleges that suit their needs and embark on a career path all their own.
We couldn't agree more. At a time when schools are struggling to meet student needs, it's a good idea to personalize your education. Try the following tips to get started:
5 Tools to Personalize Your High School Education
  1. Learning Style Inventory. Determe your learning style to determine how you learn best. Knowing what you need – and when – is the most effective way to study.
  2. Personality Tests. Personality tests helps you know what you want to do for a living, what careers suit you, what classes you need to take, and more. An integral part of your development, but something most high schools don’t offer.
  3. Self-Study. SAT and ACT prep materials let you move at your own pace. Take advantage of vocabulary builders and make tine to read. These activities improve your knowledge and develop important critical thinking skills.
  4. Research Colleges. Create an extensive list of colleges that interest you; you'll narrow your list later as you add criteria that are important to you. This will help you realizes what you're looking for in a college, whether it's 1000 miles away or right next door. In-depth college research beats mulling over the typical list of state schools and local colleges. It gives you what you want in a college.
  5. College-Cost Estimates. College cost calculators can be good, but too often they work for only one college or don’t take into consideration your family’s situation. At best, they’re effective, at worst, they’re a promotional gimmick used by colleges to gather student information. If you're personalizing your education, make sure you're getting personalized college-cost estimates, too. You know those colleges you’re interested in? Find out in advance – before you apply – just how much it’s going to cost you!
Developing a Personal Education Plan
Online programs offer a great deal of freedom and flexibility. You’re not at the mercy of others; you’re making your own decisions. Want to spend an extra 20 or 30 minutes working on math, go for it! Need more information on college choices? Don’t wait for a meeting with your guidance counselor, do it yourself.
Work at your own pace in as many areas as possible, from academics to college selection and carer research.
By figuring out your college and career plans as early as possible, you develop a personalized schedule sooner. This allows you to work toward your goals longer and get better results. After all, if you start studying for the SATs in your junior year, you’re going to cram and probably not do as well. By starting in 9th grade, you can go at a reasonable pace and let the information sink in. At your pace. Your way.
RSC’s program helps students personalize your education regardless of GPA or future plans, because no matter where you are, we’re there with you. Your life is about what you want. Don’t let your education be standardized – get it personalized!
With RSC.


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