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Posted on Jul 16, 2012 - 06:00 AM | Applying to College | Comments (0)

The college admissions process works like this: You send in your application, a person in the admissions office reads it, and if they think you might be a good fit at that college, you go the next level. What’s the next level? Your application goes before a small committee that usually includes the admissions dean and a few other people from the office. They give your application a thorough review, and either you’re sent a “Congratulations!” letter or a rejection.
It helps if the person who first reads your application, the one who knows it best, is your advocate. So how do you keep the college interested in you and your record?
The ProperCollege Application
·        Tell them you’re interested in them. Colleges will be more interested in you if you explain your interest in them, but DON’T tell every school they’re your first choice. You can only have ONE first choice. Which every college it is, tell them so.
·        Make a compelling case. Let them know why you think you’re a good fit for that college, but have the facts to back it. Show them that you’re in the top 25% of their freshmen class based on SAT scores or GPA. Tell them your impressed by how well respected they are in your chosen major or by the percentage of graduates who find jobs right away. Know the numbers to support your argument.
·        Have the right record. Your high-school record carries the most weight. Know how rigorous a classroom schedule they require, particularly regarding Advanced Placement classes, then have a grade point average and SAT score that’s good for that college, based on their averages.
·        Write a strong essay. A bad essay, sometimes even a bad phrase within an essay, can kill your admissions chances. Know how to put together a strong application essay.
·        Appear professional and trustworthy. Colleges want your application to be smooth and professional. This also includes your online presence. They want trustworthy and upstanding students on their campus. They’ll learn more about you from your application than anything else. Make sure it makes you look professional.
Improve Your College Application
Many of the above points require detailed information about the colleges. You can get this from RSC’s college research tools that has accurate and updated facts on more than 4,000 colleges. You can compare colleges side-by-side and save the information to your profile so that you know which colleges are best for you.
Our program will help you establish a record for the colleges that interest you (particularly if you join our program in 8th or 9th grade, where we can map out a 4-year strategy for you). You’ll also get extensive tips on improving your application essay, cleaning up and utilizing your online presence and more.
You’ll also get access to our SAT and Act test prep materials that 95% of users say they would recommend to friends. The better your score, the more likely it is you’ll get into the college of your choice.
But first, you have to get their attention, and then you have to keep it. That requires planning and a diligent college prep program designed to improve your college application and admissions chances.
The good news is that when you’re done, you’ll not only know your top-choice colleges, you could just a top choice at a few of them!
To join the RSC program, call 800-898-4636 or sign up here. We can’t wait to work with you!


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