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Posted on Aug 16, 2012 - 06:00 AM | Applying to College | Comments (0)

Develop a Plan to ImpressCollege Admissions Officers in Just a Few Easy Steps
“Unhooked.” It’s an unfortunate term in college admissions. It means a student is academically qualified to attend a college but lacks a special hook to get them in. They lack something that makes them different than all the other academically qualified individuals.
The question every college applicant has to ask themselves is “What sets me apart?”
What Is a College Hook?
Colleges often get inundated with a certain type of application, one from too many individuals of a certain gender, race, income level, etc. In order to maintain a diverse campus, borderline candidates from that group need a hook if they wish to gain admittance over underrepresented groups.
Here are a few examples of college hooks:
·        Top-notch or award-winning athletic, artistic, or creative talent.
·        A compelling life story.
·        Demonstrated leadership skills.
·        A unique or amazing accomplishment.
·        A major in need at the college.
·        Definite career plans.
·        Exceptional academic ability.
You’ll notice that many of these hooks don’t just get you into college; they often get you better financial aid. Colleges reward you for your differences, whether they be academic, artistic, athletic, cultural, professional, etc. Your hook, no matter what it is, can benefit you greatly.
And who wouldn’t want more money for college just because they’re a little bit different?
RSC provides great detail on hooks in our Junior Handbook.
How to Establish Your College Hook
You have no control over some college hooks (parents’ income, country of origin, gender, race, etc.), but others are entirely up to you.
·        Personality tests and skills assessments help you develop a career plan and let you apply to colleges that specialize in your major. Admissions officers like that.
·        A 4-Year Planner lets you build a great academic record by pointing you toward the right Advanced Placement or Honors classes to impress admissions officers.
·        Good time-management skills and an activity planner let you have enough time to participate in meaningful extracurricular activities.
·        Identifying activities early in your high-school career will develop your leadership skills later on.
·        Using proven SAT or ACT prep materials to boost your score above a school’s average is a great academic hook and can lead to better financial aid.
These are just some of the steps you can take (and just a few of the tools RSC uses to help you) to develop a college hook. It’s incredibly frustrating to be a perfect fit for a college in every respect and still be denied admission because you didn’t have the right hook.
Unhooked leaves you feeling unwanted and unappreciated. You don’t want that when you’re trying to get a great college education. Let RSC help you develop your “hook” so that you can impress those picky admissions officers and get great financial aid!
Sign up for the RSC program by calling 800-898-4636 or clicking here.


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